• Can care be gifted??? I surely think it can how about you??

    December 9, 2020 by Manisha Hospital0

    Hey! Moms❤️

    Recently finished watching Fleabag on Amazon prime..loved the series..it is a kind of dark humor sex comedy..but truly awesome ..
    Explores multiple human aspects, conflicts,
    Regrets, coming to terms with one’s fathers relationship ..sibling rivalry, multiple failed relationships and professional failures to name a few..well nothing much left though..covers helluva lots..however incredibly done…it is done with a good pace..and the main character has apparantly directed the show Phoebe Waller Bridge ..okay! This is about the show ..but what has left me intrigued here is when the father gifts his daughter a gift voucher for Counseling session..and I was like wow!!! What a thoughtful gesture..mostly we give shopping vouchers, salon vouchers..VLCC for weight loss..and what not…
    Why not give this as a thoughtful present..
    What do you think about it..how often we want our loved ones to take help..why not start with this..
    On the birthdays, Christmas, new years ..and on numerous occasions we want to tell them we care..❤️❤️❤️
    I would love to know if you are gifted with one how will you feel and what will be your thoughts..be brutally honest..🤔🤔😅

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