• It’s not an end it’s the dawn : art of grieving


    Not a very frequently touched upon topic but has been there in my mind , as to how will I want to grieve..and this write up in today’s TOI was so enlightening . I had this strong urge to share .
    There will be no right way or right time to loose your loved ones , current times surely doesn’t make it easier making it exceptionally difficult and unpredictable way of losing loved ones, but what really stayed with me is how death can be a part of art of living while I was reading this write up.. and how after the body is gone the soul lives .. how cremation and rituals is so much to sink what we have lost and the permanence of what we lost, makes it very unbearable thought for me. For the first time when I saw this movie fault in our stars the eulogy that Hazel speaks in the church as a mock drill was so moving.. in another movie called Philadelphia after the Tom hanks dies .. just loved the way he was remembered with his pictures and videos was something that stayed with me , I am sure it must have with a lot of you too.. today when I read this news about Indu Jain chairperson of TOI , something about it was calming despite the fact that she was gone, it just made me feel how she embraced death as beautifully as she lived and I feel it will reduce the sufferings not eliminate those of her loved ones…
    Something changed for me today , I feel I know what I want after I am no more or any of my loved one leaves me.. and it partially gives me peace .

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