Biofeedback therapy is appropriate for children able to sit and follow up on instructions for 30-45 minutes – 5 years and older. In majority cases, a child can learn the techniques in 6-10 weeks. Variation in methods is done in each visit to determine the most helpful one. It is primitive to note that these techniques should be practiced until they become second nature. Follow-ups are scheduled to assess progress of patients. In children, the effects seems can be different from those in adults. Therapy can show different effects in children than in adults. Results of the therapy are shown much faster and is carried out more easily with children. It is more concrete and has longer lasting effects. The transfer of techniques learnt in therapy to daily life is quicker and smoother.

    In children, biofeedback is used to treat –

    Asthma and Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    Techniques to overcome such difficulties include proper breathing, airway clearance and muscle relaxation. This results in the child developing greater awareness and control over their breathing patterns. It also boosts confidence in dealing with respite problems.


    The goal is to manage the pain and not eliminate it with biofeedback. The specialist works to identify triggers causing a headache like diet, stress, hormonal and environmental factors among others. The child is assisted in controlling them through exercise, relaxation and autonomic self control trainings.

    Bowel Dysfunction

    Biofeedback is useful for children facing chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. Diet and behaviour management, increased abdominal muscle and external anal sphincter control help reduce constipation. A child’s self-esteem and confidence is boosted through successful retraining.

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