• Surrogacy?? Are you ready??

    January 11, 2021 by Seamless Minds0

    Surrogacy ….what was the intent for the whole concept..and to where it has come to now…?
    who are the people who should go for it??
    Should it be only incase of primary infertility or secondary infertility ??
    should it be an option for any one who does not have to undergo the physical ordeal or to avoid changes that comes along with being pregnant?? Or of being a parent ??
    Is is a pacifier for the reluctant mother’s to be..is this easy way out that easy indeed..
    I find alot of challenges here when couple impulsively gets into this option ….are you really ready is the question … ?? Are you ready to commit the time , energy that this baby will need for rest of your life and his/her life..??

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