The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) defines biofeedback as a process that provides “ real time information from psycho-physiological recordings about the levels at which physiological systems are functioning”. AAPB also emphasises that the feedback loop is complete only when the patient whose target function is being monitored attends to, and uses, the displayed information.

    Biofeedback Therapy is offered for adults as well as for children (as part of the paediatric program). Painless sensors are attached to the patient’s body which provide feedback information to a computer. The data depicts physiological information graphically like muscle tension, skin temperature and breathing patterns. It also measures Skin Resistance, Heart Rate, Peripheral Blood Volume and Brain Waves. The specialist identified the problem by analysing the data and suggests subsequent therapies.

    Opt for biofeedback therapies in case of –

    • preference of non-drug interventions
    • Poor tolerance to specific drugs
    • Insufficient or non-responsive to drug therapies
    • medical constraints to usage of particular drugs
    • poor stress management and/or significant stress
    • history of long-term, frequent or excessive use of pain medication which results in increased headache problems or decreased effect of drugs
    • children and adolescents

    Technology involved in biofeedback

    Thought technology multimedia biofeedback software bio-graph infiniti version 6.0, and pro comp -2,5, 10 of Thought Technology is the prime need. For the purpose of measuring physiological aspects of the patient, it uses Computerised Graphic Displays, and Guided Imagery. Along with these, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Passive Progressive Relaxation, Progressive Muscular relaxation, and Autogenic Hand-Warming Training are also part of the biofeedback therapy.

    Overall, biofeedback therapy reduces pain and  long-term dependency on drugs. It aided in lowering emergency room visits. It allows the person to bring back the lost social life, may it be with family or friends. Most importantly, it is safe and a non-invasive procedure.

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